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Cannabics Announces Commercialization of Cannabinoids-Based Personalized Diagnostics for Cancer Patients

BETHESDA, Maryland, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNBX) today announced it will begin providing personalized cannabinoid anti-tumor tests for cancer patients. The diagnostic tests are based on liquid biopsies of patients suffering from any kind of cancer. The test uses CTC technology that collects cancer cells from patients’ blood samples, and tests their sensitivity to cannabinoid compounds alongside conventional chemotherapy medicine.

The results enable doctors to make better informed decisions by providing personalized patient data as supporting evidence to available medical treatments. Dr. Eyal Ballan, Chief scientist of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals said, “Our vision is to embrace the natural medicinal properties of cannabis utilizing the diversity of active compounds to fight cancer in its manifestation in each individual patient”.

Through an exclusive collaboration with Cancer Hope Israel, which specializes in providing a comprehensive check of the effectiveness of chemotherapy and innovative biological medicines, Cannabics will provide its proprietary cannabinoid based compounds to be assessed in their anti-tumor properties.

Commercialization will commence in March 2017, when 10 first patients’ liquid biopsies will be tested using this technology. The company plans to make this service available to cancer patients in Canada, Europe and the USA, under local medical cannabis regulations in each country and state, by the end of the year. Itamar Borochov, CEO of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, says “We are the first company in the world to offer cancer patients personalized cannabinoid anti-tumor diagnostics. We are excited to be pioneers in the nexus of cannabis and personalized cancer treatments”.

About Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (otcqb:CNBX), a U.S based public company, is dedicated to the development of Personalized Anti-Cancer and Palliative treatments. The Company’s R&D is based in Israel, where it is licensed by the Ministry of Health for its work in both scientific and clinical research. The Company’s focus is on harnessing the therapeutic properties of natural Cannabinoid formulations and diagnostics. Cannabics engages in developing individually tailored natural therapies for cancer patients, utilizing advanced screening systems and personalized bioinformatics tools.

About Cancer Hope Israel

Cancer Hope Israel is a Personalized Oncology Center that represents and provides advanced diagnostics for personalized cancer care. Cancer Hope collaborates with worldwide leaders in cancer diagnostics and medical solutions in order to promote personalized oncology treatment as a standard of care. As part of our vision we strive to bring together oncology specialists with cutting-edge diagnostics, in order to enable the patients the best care.

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