mHealth Tools Significantly Improve Adherence Among HIV Patients

New mobile health (mHealth) tools have demonstrated effectiveness in aiding HIV patients better manage their disease through improved medication adherence.

After analyzing data regarding the effectiveness in mobile pharmacy apps in helping HIV patients, mscripts and Avella Specialty Pharmacy found that HIV patients using a mobile app which provides refill reminders, dosage reminders and other prescription management functionality are 2.9 times more likely to be adherent.

Medication adherence is defined as taking medication on time and as prescribed. Adherence is essential in HIV treatment, since patients with the condition must maintain 90 percent adherence to achieve viral suppression otherwise they risk an increase in treatment failure.

This study used Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) to evaluate adherence rates among HIV patients who were taking both single and multi-source medications including Atripla, Truvada. They found that 79 percent of Avellas’ HIV patients using mscripts mobile app achieved ≥ 90 percent adherence rate, while only 65.3 percent of Avellas’ HIV patients not using the app achieved ≥ 90 percent adherence rate. This further demonstrates the mobile app’s impact on an already highly adherent population.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 30 percent of HIV-positive Americans have achieved viral suppression. Loss of virologic control as a consequence of non-adherence to antiretroviral medication can lead to drug resistance and loss of future treatment options, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“HIV regimens have decreased in complexity, however, medication non-adherence continues to be a major cause of HIV-related morbidity and mortality,” said Dr. Eric Sredzinski, PharmD, Avella’s Executive Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Quality Assurance. “This new mobile health application is yet another opportunity for Avella to maintain its focus on providing comprehensive support to our patients while empowering them to achieve improved outcomes.”

The study demonstrates the value of mobile health strategies in engaging patients and improving adherence. In addition to an increase in overall adherence, Avella’s HIV patients that used the mscripts mobile app were almost three times less likely to discontinue their medication refills.

“Avella’s patient population is already highly adherent when compared to the general population,” said mscripts’ CEO, Mark Cullen. “We’re excited to see that getting those patients on the mobile platform will make an even more significant impact.”

Source: Avella Specialty Pharmacy

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