Specialty Pharma Journal Launches its Rebranded Logo and Website

Specialty Pharma Journal (SPJ) today announced the launch of its new name, Specialty Precision & Technology Pharma Journal, along with a rebranding initiative which includes a new logo and website. The change reflects the publication’s focus on “precision medicine,” a new healthcare model that uses innovative technologies to tailor treatment to individual patients.

The publication, which reaches nearly 10,000 readers daily, will still use the acronym SPJ for convenience and can still be accessed on the same web addresses, www.specialtypharmajournal.com, and www.spjnews.com. However, its publisher feels the new the logo and brand signals an important transformation.

“We are excited to launch Specialty Precision & Technology Pharma Journal’s new website and logo,” said Gary M. Cohen, BSPharm, RPh, CSP, Publisher of SPJ. “New technology and gene-targeting drugs have already benefited patients, particularly those with specific cancers. Industry collaborations and data sharing will only continue to facilitate development of novel drugs and devices that will allow for earlier diagnosis and personalized care.”

The Precision Medicine Initiative, which was announced during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on January 20, is a transformative new model of healthcare that involves tailoring treatment to an individual.

Following the announcement, the Obama Administration has been unveiling details of the $215 million project, aimed at accelerating biomedical discoveries and personalizing care. The model, commonly known as “personalized medicine,” often uses diagnostic tests to select appropriate and optimal therapies based on an individual’s genetic makeup or other molecular analysis. Gaining better insights into the biology of certain diseases can lead to improved patient outcomes for the millions of Americans suffering from these diseases.

Innovative technology has been developed that supports the precision care, by enhancing and improving drug discovery and development, as well as patient adherence and compliance. Drug manufacturers are investing in these technology platforms. Additionally, advances in mobile health have allowed for patient tracking of adverse events and reminders aimed to improve patient adherence.

SPJ is dedicated to providing our subscribers with information and research surrounding the evolving specialty pharmacy industry, precision medicine, technology, and business news. To view our new website, visit: wwww.specialtypharmajournal.com.

About SPJ: 

Specialty Precision & Technology Pharma Journal (SPJ), established in 2010, is a free, interactive, online journal, providing news and editorial surrounding the specialty pharmacy industry. With the evolving healthcare industry and the emergence of precision and technology medicine, SPJ is now dedicated to providing timely and relevant news on precision and technology medicine in the specialty industry.  With a subscriber base of nearly 10,000 individuals, SPJ reaches multiple stakeholders in the healthcare market with news and information through its e-Newsletters, distributed Monday through Friday, and is expanding its audience reach to include health systems and prescribers. For more information on SPJ, visit: www.specialtypharmajournal.com.


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