FDNA to Launch Online Forum for the Genetics Expert Community

Pioneer in computer-aided dysmorphology analysis, FDNA, announced that it will launch an online forum for the genetics expert community for undiagnosed and challenging cases.

The company said that it will unveil the “Unknown Forum” at the Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting ACMG 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT on March 26, 2015 at 11:40am. The online forum will be provided to experts in genetics and will be dedicated to the discussion and review of undiagnosed and challenging cases.

FDNA’s Face2Gene is a genetic search and reference solution that facilitates the detection of facial dysmorphic features and recognizable patterns of human malformations. The technology aids and empowers in accelerating and increasing confidence in the research and investigation of genetic syndromes by leveraging advanced algorithms and the cumulative experience of hundreds of genetics professionals and tens of thousands of analyzed cases. One of the unmet needs raised by users of Face2gene worldwide is the need to consult with their peers in the genetic community about certain cases. Some of the cases genetic experts encounter are genetic syndromes so rare that only cumulative knowledge and experience of the geneticist community can lead to diagnosis.

“We are excited to provide this experts-only platform as yet another innovative and free service for the benefit of the genetics expert community,” said Mr. Dekel Gelbman, FDNA’s Chief Executive Officer. “This novel and innovative solution leverages the accumulated knowledge of Face2Gene’s user community to amplify the scientific and clinical value of our technology for the benefit of the entire genetics expert community and, ultimately, benefits the patients and their families.”

The Unknown Forum will be available to all registered users of Face2Gene. Unknown and challenging cases submitted by users will be reviewed by FDNA’s Expert Review Panel.

Source: FDNA Inc.

Last updated: 3/12/15; 3:45pm EST

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