Myriad Expands Collaboration with BioMarin for Cancer Companion Diagnostic Test

Myriad Genetics recently announced that it has expanded its collaboration with BioMarin Pharmaceutical to use Myriad’s myChoice HRD companion diagnostic test.

Under the deal, BioMarin will use Myriad’s myChoice HRD companion diagnostic test to prospectively identify patients with metastatic breast, ovarian and potentially other tumor types that may be sensitive to BioMarin’s talazoparib. The deal builds on the companies’ ongoing collaboration that began in 2013, when BioMarin began using Myriad’s BRACAnalysis CDx companion diagnostic test in clinical studies of talazoparib for advanced or metastatic breast cancer patients carrying BRCA mutations.

BioMrin’s talazoparib is an investigational poly-ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitor. The companies said that they will collaborate under US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation and guidelines for the development and potential regulatory approval requirements for both talazoparib and myChoice HRD.

Myriad’s myChoice HRD is the first homologous recombination deficiency test that can detect when a tumor has lost the ability to repair double-stranded DNA breaks, resulting in increased susceptibility to DNA-damaging drugs such as platinum drugs or PARP inhibitors. High myChoice HRD scores reflective of DNA repair deficiencies are prevalent in all breast cancer subtypes, ovarian and most other major cancers. In published data, Myriad’s myChoice HRD test predicted drug response to platinum therapy in certain patients with triple-negative breast and ovarian cancers.

“Myriad is a pioneer in personalized medicine. Our companion diagnostics are providing clinicians with valuable biological data to accelerate and improve healthcare for their patients,” said Mark Capone, president of Myriad Genetic Laboratories. “With cancer treatments, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for patients. We are excited to be working with BioMarin to help identify the patients who are most likely to benefit from talazoparib based on their own genetic makeup and biology.”

The companies did not disclose financial terms of the agreement.

Source: Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Last updated: 3/19/15; 3:40pm EST

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