Quest Diagnostics Announces the Launch of New Technology Solutions

Quest Diagnostics announced that it will unveil a suite of new technology solutions, featuring interactive Insights by Care360 reports and IntelliTest Analytics.

The leading provider of diagnostics information services said that it will launch its new technology solutions during the HIMSS 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition, the industry’s largest health IT educational program and exhibition, scheduled for April 13-16 in Chicago. The new technology solutions are designed to promote clinically appropriate test selection and tracking of quality and care metrics, among other benefits, to enhance patient care and outcomes for both the individual patient and large managed populations.

“As the leading diagnostic information services provider, providing lab testing and reporting for one in three Americans each year, Quest Diagnostics has unprecedented expertise at collecting, managing and gleaning insights from large-scale health data,” said Lidia Fonseca, senior vice president and CIO, Quest Diagnostics. “Now, we are using this expertise to introduce a series of new population health, data analytics from laboratory and other health data. These solutions help providers select the appropriate test for the patient, adhere to medical guidelines, track quality metrics, and engage patients in health care decision making, promoting better quality and outcomes and lower costs.”

“They reflect Quest’s value as a true partner in the diagnostic journal and how we are helping to address the pressing need for greater clarity in diagnostic testing and utilization,” Fonseca added.

Each year, potentially 23 million patients are affected by uncertainty and challenges in ordering and interpreting diagnostic laboratory tests, although improvements in information technology and clinical decision support may reduce physicians’ uncertainty, according to a study sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At the upcoming conference, Quest will feature and display various new HIT products and services. The Interactive Insights by Care360 will be introduced. It is a web-based reporting solution for physicians and patients that provides health insights based on a patient’s lab data to improve decision making by both the physician and patient. The solution provides results in a graphically rich and interactive format and includes clinical content, such as related medical guidelines, educational materials and clinical test algorithms, pertinent to the individual patient. By providing these resources in a single platform, physicians may be more likely to select appropriate test services guided by a holistic understanding of the individual’s medical needs. The tool also provides a simplified graphical view and patient education materials to help the physician discuss results with the patient to promote engagement in medical decisions.

The IntelliTest Analytics, a web-based secure portal that provides hospitals, integrated delivery networks and physician practices with data driven insights about test utilization patterns and business analysis of clinically appropriate testing norms, payer type and costs, will also be presented. The portal allows qualifying clients to request a medical consultative review conducted by a Quest medical and scientific expert.

The MyQuest by Care360 is Quest’s patient health portal and mobile app solution, which is used by approximately 1.3 million patients and providers to track lab and other health data and meet Meaningful Use Criteria for patient engagement. The app allows patients to access and share data over several of years in order to track patterns in their health.

The Care360 Revenue Cycle Management tools is the latest offering in the Care360 product portfolio. It is a holistic medical billing solution that aids in management of billing claims to denial management with a focus on increasing patient and payer collections and maximizing revenue.

The ChartMaxx to Complete the Legal Health Record is Quest’s award-winning enterprise content management solution, used by more than 200 hospitals in the US and Canada. It provides a complete Legal Health Record (LHR) enabling hospitals to manage their most important clinical, business, regulatory and legal records in a secure, accessible format. The platform contains a tool that helps providers track and manage claims, potentially improving claims billing and minimizing delays.

Source: Quest Diagnostics

Last updated: 4/9/15; 12:30pm EST

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