ValueCentric Announces Collaboration with Universal Patient Key (UPK) to Enhance Specialty Data De-Identification Capabilities

Adding a key component to their single-provider approach to Specialty data management and analytics

ORCHARD PARK, NY — 6 December, 2016 – ValueCentric, a leading provider of data management and analytic solutions to the healthcare industry, today announced a collaboration with Universal Patient Key (UPK), a premier HIPAA compliant de-identification solution provider. As part of the collaboration, ValueCentric has licensed and installed UPK’s software on its internal systems, providing customers with one integrated solution for de-identification of Protected Health Information (PHI). With this partnership, ValueCentric strengthens their position as the industry’s first true end-to-end specialty channel management platform, delivering data and KPI metrics from product shipment and distribution down to the individual patient, all within a single platform.

The integration of UPK’s software within ValueCentric infrastructure provides customers and their specialty data providers’ flexibility in handling PHI, with two different methodologies:

  • UPK software may be installed on the Specialty Partner premises, and de-identification occurs before data is transmitted to ValueCentric and ultimately the manufacturer
  • The Specialty Partner may send PHI directly to ValueCentric’s HIPAA-compliant datacenter via Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) and de-identification occurs within ValueCentric’s infrastructure; this option eliminates data and de-identification roadblocks, and is often preferred

Regardless of the option selected, manufacturers can leverage ValueCentric’s reporting platform, ValueTrak, to analyze de-identified patient data for ease of tracking patients longitudinally across time and source.

“We selected UPK as our provider for this critical service because of their flexible, easy-to-use software, scalability, and most notably their industry accreditations,” said Dave Janca, President and Chief Executive Officer at ValueCentric. “Customers will continue to be able to select whether the de-identification occurs at the Specialty Provider, or via ValueCentric’s platform, furthering our commitment to providing scalable, cost effective solutions for all manufacturers, no matter if they have a single specialty product or an entire specialty portfolio,” said Janca.

UPK’s de-identification solution implements a superior 128 bit encryption technique as part of a two-step hash-token and site key process, which fully de-identifies protected data while retaining key information for specialty reporting granularity. The UPK encryption process has been tested and validated by renowned industry statisticians at Scheuren Ruffner Consultants to be a secure means for providing anonymous longitudinal patient matching for medical records, which complies with HIPAA privacy requirements. In addition to UPK’s accreditation, the software and de-identified data will reside on ValueCentric’s HIPAA/HITECH compliant data servers, ensuring comprehensive protection of patient privacy.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with ValueCentric on this important and exciting opportunity. By incorporating a certified and recognized solution for HIPAA compliance within their data aggregation and analytics platform, ValueCentric provides a single, integrated solution for specialty manufacturers committed to learning and managing their business based on Big Data analytics from the real-world,” said Joe Austin, CEO and Co-Founder of UPK.

“Incorporating UPK’s software into our de-identification process supports our mission to provide manufacturers with a single solution platform for longitudinal patient tracking across time and source, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple partners for varying data needs,” said John Giannouris, Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy Services at ValueCentric. “With a continued focus on the Specialty channel, ValueCentric remains committed to providing valuable insights and metrics from the shipment and distribution channel, all the way down to the patient. We’re excited to be able to introduce an enhanced de-identification solution into our service offerings to build upon our commitment and platform that resolves all of the Specialty manufacturer’s data aggregation needs,” said Giannouris.

With the addition of this highly touted de-identification software, ValueTrak provides customers with a true single-solution for their Distribution Channel and Specialty data needs – the first in the industry to provide the full breadth of services in one platform. The ValueTrak platform is relied upon by Specialty manufacturer customers for data aggregation, patient care analytics, and product distribution metrics. Reports are enclosed in intuitive, easily consumable dashboard views with visual indicators of data outliers needing attention. In addition to high-level Specialty KPI scorecarding metrics, drill-in capabilities provide insights into individual patient statuses, helping address barriers to optimal patient care at the most granular level.


About ValueCentric:

ValueCentric is the leader in multi-channel data management and analytic solutions for the healthcare industry. Its mission is to help customers leverage their specialty and channel data to improve business decisions, reduce costs, and increase the speed in which products reach patients in need. The company receives, validates, aggregates, and integrates data across the specialty distribution network – providing high quality data and analytics for all stakeholders. Their cloud-based platform, ValueTrak provides an out-of-the-box, configurable solution that joins traditional channel data and specialty channel data delivering a complete view of the product and patient journey.

About Universal Patient Key:

Universal Patient Key (UPK) is a pioneering provider of software solutions that support real-world Big Data analysis s of healthcare data in a secure and HIPAA-compliant manner. UPK software and services enable healthcare organizations to quickly and easily apply a risk-based de-identification methodology to ensure individual privacy and regulatory compliance. UPK’s software is compliant with regulations and globally accepted standards and guidelines.

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