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September, 2016

  • 27 September

    Breaking Down Restrictions

    For many years, the standard plan for treating hepatitis C infections called for excluding active drug users. Experts at the 5th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users who recently met in Oslo, aim to revise what is considered standard care. New research was discussed at the symposium, specifically …

August, 2016

July, 2016

  • 20 July

    Sticking Points

    There are several ‘sticking points’ that get in the way of patients sticking with their prescribed treatment. In fact, medication nonadherence remains a key area of wasted health care resources. A recent article in the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy points out that there are two types of …

  • 12 July

    Study Finds Low Levels of Adherence & Persistence Remain Barriers to Reducing Costs of Diabetes Complications

    PARSIPPANY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Despite improved diagnosis and advances in treatment options for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes, sub-optimal therapy adherence and persistence result in significant economic and societal burden as well as avoidable patient complications in six diverse healthcare systems around the world, according to a new report series issued today …

March, 2016

  • 29 March

    Texting For Meds

    Could better medication adherence be just a “text away”? According to a new analysis taking a closer look at several previous studies about adherence, when patients receive text reminders about their medication, adherence rates go up. Way up. Looking at medication adherence data from approximately 2,700 patients with chronic diseases, …

  • 9 March

    Smoothing the Path

    Medication adherence continues to be a challenge for the health care community. Successful treatment of disease simply cannot occur if patients are not adherent to medications. In addition, non-adherence leads to systemic waste. For example, up to 10% of all money spent on health care is attributed to avoidable health …